Javascript graphing calculator
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Javascript graphing calculator
I wrote a little Graphing calculator in HTML5. You enter formulas as javascript code, and the my code evaluates them over and over again to generate an animated graph. You can change the color and width of the function graphs, the background color and add a 'fade effect', which can result in some cool visuals (examples: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B ) and you can generate hyperlinks to anything you create (that's how I linked to the examples.)

There are a few issues: it unfortunately doesn't work properly in firefox, since FF doesn't support input type=range. If it runs slow on your device, you can adjust the 'samples' parameter under graphs settings.

Let me know what you think.
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I've done just enough javascripting to know that this is pretty amazing. Very cool.
posted by doctor_negative at 6:33 AM on October 30, 2011

posted by delmoi at 12:11 PM on October 30, 2011

Can you make the canvas bigger?
posted by cjorgensen at 4:19 PM on October 30, 2011

Can you make the canvas bigger?

I could. I like the size it is now but it might be a good idea to let the user change the size.
posted by delmoi at 11:16 PM on October 30, 2011

About the only other thing I thought might be neat would be if there was optional audio. SOme of the formulas looked like oscillation style sound waves.
posted by cjorgensen at 8:29 PM on October 31, 2011

Yeah, they use the same mathematical functions (sine waves) as sound waves. You just calculate them at a higher frequency and you could make audio the same way.
posted by delmoi at 8:09 PM on November 1, 2011

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