Kids Draw for East Africa
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Kids Draw for East Africa
The idea behind Kids Draw for East Africa is simple - we auction children's art to raise funds for UNICEF to help alleviate the famine in East Africa.

Kids Draw for East Africa is part of the 5050 good project run by Good for Nothing and Made by Many (for whom my wife works).

So if you know anyone with kids who might want to donate art or even bid on some of the art then that would be great.

You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.
Role: concept, design, programming
posted by johnny novak (4 comments total) 1 user marked this as a favorite

It's like a crowd sourced jack draws anything.

I paid Jack to draw me a jackass before his parents stopped taking requests. I don't think he ever got around to my picture. Kid got a book deal and a bunch of awards and I never got my picture!

I'd ask for a refund if the money wasn't going to charity.

This is pretty cool. It might be nice if there was just a flat fee. It would also be cool if there was an area for "commissions." I'm still looking for that jackass.
posted by cjorgensen at 6:58 PM on October 18, 2011

Now I feel horrible. Jack came through!

Here's my Jackass With a Jetpack!
posted by cjorgensen at 7:19 PM on October 18, 2011

Ah. I hadn't seen Jack Draws before. It's very cool. Still, I think Kid's Draw is just about different enough, and it's in a good cause.
posted by johnny novak at 2:06 PM on October 19, 2011

Even if it were exactly the same I wouldn't have a problem with it. Kids drawing pictures is not a unique concept. I'm all for raising money for charity and encouraging creativity.
posted by cjorgensen at 8:34 AM on October 23, 2011

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