Choose Your Own Adventure By Committee
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Choose Your Own Adventure By Committee
I'm writing a story with help from friends and strangers on the internet. Every weekday, I'm posting 100-600 words and soliciting votes for what the main character should do next.

This is all happening on Google+, and I've been going for almost four weeks now. There's a bit more overview at the blog, which in theory should have weekly updates with links to that week's five installments. Actual participation should be on Google+, but the installments are public so we don't need to be friends or anything for anyone to participate.
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by juv3nal on July 4, 2012: Choose Your Own Adventure By Committee!

The site was really unhappy about me being on an iPad. I continued anyway, but without any joy. I'll try again on my laptop, it's just a shame that my iPad wasn't not "modern enough"
posted by adventureloop at 10:40 AM on October 14, 2011

This is a lot of fun and I recommend any Mefites on G+ join in!
posted by immlass at 5:59 PM on October 14, 2011

I can't imagine anyone will ever look at this page again, but just FYI I started another story in January and it's currently 70+ entries long and I just linked to most of them on the blog.
posted by shakespeherian at 6:55 PM on April 18, 2012 [1 favorite]

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