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Remindlyo is a simple project with a singular goal: never forget another phone call.

It's not just a reminder service or a calendar service, it forces your hand by actually calling you when you want the phone call to happen.

For example, say you want to call your parents every weekend but you're always preoccupied when both you and they are available. The time slips by. It's ok, it happens to all of us. When you schedule this phone call in Remindlyo, every Saturday (or Sunday) morning/afternoon/evening you'll get a call that says, simply, "Press 1 to call your parents". Press 1, bam, connected, no guilt trip. Can't pick up the phone? No worries, Remindlyo will call you up to three times and then send a (only slightly guilt-trippy) email.

If you reply to the welcome email with "I come from MeFi" I'll give you an extra five free event credits.
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