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September 13, 2011 4:24 PM   Subscribe - Human Powered Radio, a crowd sourced guide to independent radio, today announced the launch of its new social platform. The site features live streams and profiles of hundreds of stations and shows alongside a real-time chat and activity feed on each page. Soundtap aims to revitalize non-commercial radio by promoting listener participation and bringing attention back to individual radio shows.

"There is an incredibly rich variety of programming in college and community radio that is largely overlooked.” said Sujay Vennam, Soundtap co-founder. “Many people are tired of the repetition they hear on commercial radio and automated playlists but don’t realize that they have access to thousands of interesting DJs who volunteer at independent radio stations around the world. Soundtap harnesses the power of community moderation to make these shows more accessible.”

Soundtap’s schedule already features over a thousand commercial-free radio shows, all added by listeners. Users can add shows from any of the three hundred stations in Soundtap’s database or suggest non-commercial stations to be added. To facilitate exploration, stations and shows can be filtered by genre or sorted by popularity. In addition to live streams, many “most liked” shows are available for on-demand or offline listening. Activity feeds on each profile page allow listeners to chat and follow each other and DJs can update their show schedule, get feedback, and interact with listeners directly on the site. Soundtap also brings different radio shows into the spotlight each week with exclusive interviews with the hosts.
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