Dementia be Damned
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Dementia be Damned
My sister was diagnosed with dementia last month. Finding information on the dementia in patients with intellectual disabilities is proving to be a challenge. I've decided to start blogging about my sister, her diagnosis and anything I learn about dementia, particularly for patients like her, along the way.
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I really like your blog. For me, it serves two great functions. One, I have learned and expect to continue to learn along with you about early on-set dementia in an intellectually disabled person. And, two, both your attitude and your mom's is an inspiration. I know that you know that you and your family are blessed to have your sister, and I hope that your sister knows how blessed she is to have her family.
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Thank you, JohnnyGunn. I appreciate the feedback.

My sister has always been such a central part of my family that I'm not sure what it will be like when she's gone. Nearly all of the significant events in my life have involved my sister in one way or another, even getting confirmation of my pregnancy with my first child.

As with sibling relationships, there's been rivalry and there's been love. There's been irritation and joy. She can drive me batty and she can bring me to tears of laughter.

No matter what, she's my sister.
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Thank you. Last week my grandmother passed on after years of Alzheimer's disease. I know it's different, but still, thank you.
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