Anansi Poems
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Anansi Poems
"Anansi Poems" is an autobiographical cycle of eight spider poems focussing on trickster elements. This is my first ePub published to the iBookstore!

When I was about 6 I was bitten by a brown recluse. This story is long and gory and something I've told too many times. I'll spare you the details. You don't have to thank me, but you probably should.

When I was in high school the corner of a basement was my bedroom (by choice). We lived in a wooded area near where the Platte river meets the Mississippi. Spiders were my constant nighttime companions. It got to where I didn't bother brushing them aside even if they crawled across the page of the book I was reading (or my face as I slept).

A few years back I had a vivid dream about a spider crawling into my ear. I woke up and brushed at the side of my face and looked down and I had a spider in my hand. This inspired me to write the first "Anansi" poem (all of the poems can be read there for free and even downloaded as a printable PDF if you like).

Originally I made these as some pretty cool limited edition chapbooks. I sold these at poetry slams and gave them to random folk. I sent one to Neil Gaiman, since I stole his title (don't worry it was already stolen), but he never acknowledged the gift. I still have a few of these left if you're interested.

Also, you don't need to go buying the linked book on the iBookstore. If you're a mefite and want a copy I'll email you a DRM free copy for free. I can't guarantee it'll look like anything worth reading on anything other than an iOS device though as I use some webkit specific CSS. Just memail me an email address and I will get you one. If you do view it on something other than an Apple product I wouldn't mind a few screen shots of the table of contents and some random pages.
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Impressive writing.
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