No Poster Girl. Life With Severe ME/CFS: A bed-lyin', pill-poppin', muscle-wastin' good time.
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No Poster Girl. Life With Severe ME/CFS: A bed-lyin', pill-poppin', muscle-wastin' good time.
I developed myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome in 2004, and I've been bedridden because of it since 2007. Having gotten a little bit of improvement in the last year or so from the intensive attention of a prominent specialist, I've been able to be online more. And with that, I realized that though I interact frequently with friends via social networking, almost nobody outside my family and very close friends knew what the disease had done to me - or much about it in general. I didn't like that that was the case, and so No Poster Girl was born.

My incapacity is such that I'm unable to sit up or type for more than a few minutes, so I write my entries in dribs and drabs while lying on my left side. Also, part of the illness is that I have a greatly diminished ability to deal with stress, so please be kind, and if you don't believe ME/CFS exists, please keep that to yourself. Thanks.
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Hey great, I'm glad you put this here. I've been reading your blog for a while now after I saw you give someone some good advice for somethingorother on AskMe and I'm happy you decided to put it here too so more people can read it.
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Thanks for the kind words, jessamyn! It's much appreciated.
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As someone who's looking to go to medical school, and who is fascinated by patient narratives of illness, your blog is pretty much my jackpot. Thank you for writing!
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I haven't read any posts beyond the intro, but have you tried an iphone or ipad for single hand typing? I find I can write a few paragraphs ok with one thumb on an iphone when bedridden.
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Thanks, ocherdraco! Matt, I've tried my stepdad's iPad and found just too heavy to manage comfortably. The laptop I use I have on a table pulled up to the couch, and that really works quite well, as it's on precisely the right level. I don't have to hold it, nor hold my head up in order to use it.
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