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"Debate Club for sailors... No-Holds-Barred Brain Wrestling... the Tenderest Bloodsport." WRITE CLUB isn't your father's philanthropic competitive literary event.

The idea here is pretty simple: 6 writers are paired off against each other, given opposing concepts upon which to write, and then given seven minutes to read their work in front of a rowdy crowd of drinkers, hecklers, and (gasp!) other writers. Winner is chosen by round of applause, money goes to the charity of the victor's choosing.

Started in Chicago by Ian Belknap, Atlanta is the first of hopefully many satellite Write Clubs across the country. But since we're in Atlanta (well, technically Decatur) and most of the world is not, we're making the bouts available in podcast form. Video is forthcoming, as is a proper website. For right now, interested parties can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
Role: Producer, co-curator
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