"Is It Relevant?"
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"Is It Relevant?"
I recently gave a talk about great design can be counter-productive. It was part of "IxD Bauhaus", an event discussing an approach to interaction design that my team (Windows Phone design) is using. And in the talk I kinda call out Windows Phone as an example of great, but perhaps counter-productive design.

(The sound is super bad at first but it gets a little better as the crowd dies down. The video guy would like to apologize for not getting the mic figured out in time.)
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I really enjoyed this! You're a great speaker and you had some really insightful things to say.

I'm a first-time app developer and I've put a lot of my chips on WP7, and what you said at the beginning about the platform really resonated with me. That homescreen full of blue boxes and clean lines looks cool, new, interesting, cold, and elitist. It also gets old really fast. But there's a lot of magic and warmth in this design system once you get the phone into your hands, and the system really does a good job of nudging me, the developer, to incorporate some of that magic into my own stuff.

But communicating this magic, without lending your audience a phone loaded with some of the better apps, is really tricky. I hope you guys pull it off.
posted by tempythethird at 7:13 AM on July 2, 2011

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