Up U Go!
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Up U Go!
"Up U Go!" is an iPad game I've been working on for the last few months. You control Burt, who is flying all around the world with the help of his trusty balloons. Dodge the local wildlife—as well as the buildings and trees—and swoop down to collect enough helium to fly on to the next land! We have what we think is a pretty great control scheme and we're all really proud of the way it came out!

Based on an idea my company's founder had, and full of my first-time-in-a-game art, some of my programming (but mostly chasing handled that), and some of my game design.
Role: Designer, some programming, game design
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Also, this game is what my Video Game Cartoonist AskMe was about. Thanks everybody!
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We just updated this app to a universal app so you can download it and play it on your iPhone too! As well as dropping the price to 99¢!
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