Outpost Nine internet radio
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Outpost Nine internet radio
Outpost Nine is an eclectic radio station hosted at loudcaster.com. It broadcasts 24/7 but I do a live show Sunday nights at 9pm EST (giving you a couple of says warning). This week's theme is songs about nighttime.

The Wordpress blog has a link to the station site (which is really ugly), the TuneIn app so you can listen on your phone, and the various social media sites. Please follow if you like it!
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posted by Roman Graves (1 comment total)

Auspicious that you posted this just as I was about to pot an AskMe about internet radio. My small Vermont community is looking into LPFM (low-power fm) radio, but even though we have very few people with broadband, I am of the mind that Internet radio is the better place to at least start. Can you tell me (MeFi Mail is fine) how loudcaster works and prices, as well as how the mobile feature works (costs)?

I haven't listened to your radio station yet as I am on satellite iNternet, but plan to the next time I am at work with fast wifi.

Thanks and good luck!
posted by terrapin at 9:19 AM on June 13, 2011

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