Little Blue Book
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Little Blue Book
An iPhone app for browsing your Facebook friends and making and managing friend lists for use as privacy filters.

As more people from our lives friend us on Facebook, the need to compartmentalise the information we share becomes increasingly important. Facebook allows you to make friend lists, and use them to make updates, photos and notes selectively visible to only some friends. However, keeping the lists up to date, and ensuring that nobody is omitted from a list they belong on, can be laborious.

Little Blue Book is an app which makes managing friend lists easier. It allows you to browse your list of friends by various attributes (such as first/last name, location, gender, relationship status, school and work), create friend lists and add and remove friends to/from lists. It also allows you to set up automated checks to enforce constraints on your lists and warn you if you've forgotten someone: for example, you can require all members of the list "Best Friends" to also be in "Close Friends", or for nobody to be in both "Family" and "Non-Family".
Role: Programmer
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Ohhh, might check this out. I've got way too many FB friends. Thanks!
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