A Painting for Win and Regine
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A Painting for Win and Regine
My boyfriend is a painter who does life-size portraiture. Inspired by this photo, he made a painting of Win & Regine from Arcade Fire, and would like to give it to them as a gift. I made this little site to publicize our quest.
Role: I designed and built this website.
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If this response is creepy the mods can delete it, but have you gone down the obvious routes?

Contact Jessica Zambri jessica@quest-management.com the whois contact for their website.

There are contact numbers on there as well. Or try the info here:


A person purporting to be their manager is on twitter: @scottrodger

He looks like the same guy on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/questmanagement

He seems to interact with folks.

I have a limited background in music fanboyism and worked at a venue for years. Another option is to contact the place they are playing. Sometimes they are looking for volunteers to work events. You might try to be on hand for the sound check.

I wouldn't think it would be that hard to get this done. Just keep going down the rabbit hole, but at some point you'll come off as a bit of a stalker
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Yes, I've emailed Scott Rodger and several other publicity/booking people associated w/ the band. But I did not think of checking the whois! So good call.

Before making the website I suggested showing up outside their bedroom window with a boom box (it always works in the movies), but this was deemed too stalkerish.
posted by crackingdes at 10:58 AM on April 14, 2011

Bit of a longshot, but if the normal routes don't work...

If you/your boyfriend have twitter, try contacting Heather Armstrong (Dooce). Judging by her blog post the other day, Will Butler's wife reads Dooce on twitter. She's pretty active on there and she might be willing to write something to get Arcade Fire's attention?

Actually, thinking about it, Arcade Fire probably have their own twitter, and you could try contacting them directly and avoid Dooce altogether. Ignore my convoluted suggestion...
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Oh, actually that's a great suggestion. I've sent messages to their official twitter, but they get hundreds, and I don't want to just totally spam the thing, so I'm not sure if my messages have been noticed. I sent Dooce a tweet, too.
posted by crackingdes at 9:53 AM on April 16, 2011

Well, were you successful?
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