Destination Truth Blog (i.e. Wannabe-Exhaustive Fansite)
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Destination Truth Blog (i.e. Wannabe-Exhaustive Fansite)
Assuming you're not a Destination Truth fan specifically (which is fine!) pretend that this is a site about YOUR favorite television show. My question for you is, what sort of obsessive detail do you look for in a fansite? What more could I be tracking?

There are only a few Destination Truth fansites, and the show's presence on Wikipedia is skeletal at best. I'm having trouble trying to decide what information to capture, and how. Many of the fansites I used to frequent have gone under, or been replaced by wikis. If you have a favorite fansite that you think would serve as a good model, please let me know!

I have built out all of the structure I have planned, although much of it isn't fleshed out yet. For example, eventually I will have an episode recap for each episode - but I only have a handful so far.

Many people are fans of one specific investigator. So I'm cross-referencing the list of investigators with each episode. Eventually I would like to have a section on each investigator's page for "Episodes In Which This Person Appears."

Beyond that, what do you look for in a semi-formal, information-focused fansite? (e.g. I won't be hosting fanart or fanfic - not that there's anything wrong with that - it's just not the focus of this particular site.)

What kinds of questions do you Google about your favorite show? What sorts of information do you look up on Wikipedia? (Any other advice or comments are welcome as well!)
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I don't think you can beat The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 in terms of fansite exhaustiveness. Check out the episode guide for a random episode (and then click on the "background," "synopsis," etc links in the header).

For a different take, unrelated to this project, but related to the same show is this penetrating and reflective Babylon 5 re-watch blog.
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