Why Would You Click That?
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Why Would You Click That?
You provide the linkbait, I provide the shame. I designed this site as an easy way for people to participate in April Fools' Day, without having to do much work on their own. It works best if you have a Facebook account, but you could use it via Twitter, your site/blog... basically anywhere you can share a link online.

I originally created this site because I was getting tired of simply rickrolling people for April Fools' Day. I came up with this domain name, and the idea of a video automatically displaying... chiding a user for clicking on a tasteless/inappropriate link.

To use the site via Facebook, users simply copy the obfuscated bit.ly URL from the site, then share it as a link. A series of 15 fake thumbnails (designed to look like video stills) will then appear. Pick an image, then come up with an over-the-top title and description. And that's it.

For all other uses (Twitter, blogs, etc), you just need to share the bit.ly URL and come up with your own fake descriptions and/or images.

Basically, I'm providing the same punchline over and over again, and it's up to everyone else to handle the setup of the joke. Not sure if others will find this site funny or not, but if you're wanting to join in the April Fools' Day pranking... this is about as easy as it gets.

I had a fun time shooting the video (and trying to keep a straight face). I also had the chance to play around with HTML5 video, which was interesting. I should have all the major browsers covered, with a Flash fallback in place. But I'd appreciate any feedback if you run into browser quirks or whatnot.

PS: Everything should be working, but it might be best to refrain from actually posting it on Facebook until... you know. Tomorrow.
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posted by avoision (4 comments total)

The text below the video didn't become visible to me with Chrome. Switched to Firefox and it worked.
posted by jocelmeow at 12:38 PM on April 1, 2011

Thanks! Would you mind telling me what OS and version? I tested it on a Mac and PC here at work, and it seemed fine. Maybe you were getting the fallback Flash player, instead of the .webm version. That might explain it.
posted by avoision at 1:15 PM on April 1, 2011

I fell for mathowie's Twitter link to this. I was wondering how many other visitors fell for the gag on 1 April?
posted by terrapin at 6:25 AM on April 5, 2011

Sorry to be so late coming back to you. Vista, Chrome 10.0.648.204.

Also, something interesting happened when I posted the links to facebook - they were there for an hour or so, but then they disappeared! The only thing I could figure was either they were similar enough to the suspect ones that facebook was deep-sixing them, or that somebody flagged them. I posted one just visible to one friend, and another visible to everyone, and they both were gone pretty quickly. I asked my husband if he saw the one I posted to everyone, and he said he hadn't. I went back to show it to him, and it was gone. So I looked for the other: also gone.
posted by jocelmeow at 2:48 PM on April 9, 2011

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