Emberlight: Share Visual Notes Online
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Emberlight: Share Visual Notes Online
With Emberlight, you can publish and share visual notes within your team and with the Web. Examples: Euclid's Elements, Literary Feuds, Honourable Gentlemen, and a map of the UK Alternative Voting Debate, imported from Wrangl. Requires Tinderbox.

Emberlight has been a weekends project for the last two years. Inspired by the work of Ted Nelson and Doug Engelbart, it comes out of my computer science research on spatial hypertext interfaces. I developed the first prototype in 2006 as work avoidance while a postgrad English student at Cambridge University.

My partner Fred and I have a few initial customers in universities, software companies, and among journalists. We're not sure yet if the best way forward is to offer a subscription service, develop a mobile app, seek investment, or get our funding from bespoke digital/creative projects.

We eagerly welcome comments, feedback, bug reports, prospective customers, investors, and suggestions for the future. I love Metafilter and have been itching for a long time to share this with everyone :-)

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