The Brutal Battle for the Soul of Professor Perry Mills
November 10, 2005 7:28 AM

The Brutal Battle for the Soul of Professor Perry Mills
An ongoing investigative expose of the embezzlement scandal at Western Washington University. Professor Perry Mills discovered the massive theft of student course fees by his department chair and demanded an audit. The university created a phony audit to cover up the embezzlement and suspended Mills on blatantly false charges. The case is now in federal court in Seattle. The blog was started by Nick Johnson, antarctic explorer, author, adventurer and former student of Professor Mills. I have been contributing investigative research to the site. This scandal has been percolating out of public notice for nearly six years, but has recently begun to attract media attention. The ultimate consumation will likely be the resignation of most of the upper administration of the university and criminal prosecution of the malefactors. Thrills, danger, lust and excitement in the ivy-covered halls of academia. Higher education as an ongoing criminal enterprise.
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