Grazer's Song a Day Songs
April 21, 2006 8:37 AM

Grazer's Song a Day Songs
Inspired by the results of various rigorous ‘blank’-a-day exercises of writers (100 nights, 100 stories – click the banner at top) and artists (40 days of drawing) that I’ve seen online, I’ve decided it’s time to take the challenge myself, and write/record a song a day. With the notion that no melody or idea is too small, overused or simple, I’ve set a few restrictions for myself: I have to make the song up on the spot – sit down, write the song, record it. For the most part, lyrics have to be improvised, but I can improvise freely then write them down before recording (though this has generally not been the case). If I do a take and it’s not terrible, I have to leave it and move on to overdubs and attempt to fix and flaws with additional vocals or sounds. I’ve allowed myself a seven day buffer before uploading (and uploaded 12 songs here before announcing), since I’m a busy guy and all… but any days I miss I’ll have to make up by recording two songs the next. And I must accept failure if what I record is no good, and move on. I’ve chosen the blogger format for the song directory so I can easily post links from anywhere, and so anyone interested can leave comments on the songs. I hope that listeners will take part in helping me choose which aspects of which songs work and which do not, so I can further develop. I have no idea how long I'll be able to keep it up, but I hope to make it to at least fifty songs. If you’re looking for a song to start with, try today’s upload, eye peach.
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