A modern Markov chain chatbot
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A modern Markov chain chatbot
It's never too soon for more Markov chains, right? cobe is a Markov based text generation framework that behaves like the venerable MegaHAL chatbot, backed with a more modern (SQLite) datastore. Its brain is kept entirely on disk, uses little memory, and scales reliably. A very minimal IRC client is included.

You might be interested in the code, information about getting started, or some design notes.
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Fantastic! I imported the closed captioning of the first five days of this year from FOX and PBS into separate brains.. see if you can guess which one's which.

> hello
and needless to say hello to more jobs?
> well, that would be nice for america, eh?
that would be nice for america, eh?
> yeeeess...
yes, they'll repile the health reform law.
> gosh, i hope not
i was amazed and i hope that is funny.
> oh, was that a joke?
i don't really -- oh, i get it, i doubt that he has a to do a good indication.
> wait, who are we talking about?
we to be we don't care if a woman reading, a well known oath.
> which woman?
a woman in the church.
> which church?
you go to church, do they like in the church.
> are you religious?
so this idea of what we bring in and you realize you are you a bit more indication.
> that's confusing
qm here with confusing days leading up to its ideals.
> what are the ideals?
not because of some of what we get the senate to come in with ideals and ready to read the amendments and not of blood or race but ideas.
> wow. do you have a chalkboard?
that said, we do have a chalkboard?
> nice
but they are kind of have a nice country and in a can!
> where can i find this country in a can?
where can i find surprising, i think, in fact, citizens and we can do it in a couple of weeks.
> what will we do in a couple of weeks?
they will make a couple of the list of transplants for a cab like all of a health care in the church.
> happy new year!
but these are all happy and they believe that a new house is going inside that box?
> health care in a box inside a church?
shrink box allows you to come across the nation at large, that we are a society loses its trust, you can get the this book in the search of a health care in a box inside a church?
> ok, i think i will do pbs next.
will the republicans will do pbs next.
> god, i hope not
you get to work and i hope that is wrong here.
> me too! bye
but we have too many of the rage.

> hello!
and hello to you naturally?
> of course!
of course it is identical.
> a tautology?
- you know, i think, a huge, you know, a bighat was .
> who killed bighat?
she could have killed michael jackson.
> Who?
ve instability or provocative behavior on the swand turn on the all about it in those days like energy, energy, and, you know, talk and, you just like a lot when he's drunk.
> you sound like you're drunk
you're the best.
> thanks!
thanks a lot.
> indeed
and indianapolis is indeed a beautiful swan!
> nice! that's my hometown
it is nice to tell my family.
> where are you from?
i i think that you you can start from yourself.
> is that a song lyric?
once you think is that a song lyric?
> kinda.
it's kinda like weavi what's next mrs.
> so what do you think about obama?
i i think that you think that that will be when i'm using, so i know i and my mom--mom.
> crazy, man..
in 2005, a young man to be crazy and angry.
> those were good years
it's scary in the years ahead.
> indeed. anyway, happy new year!
it is not happy all the dust.
> okkaaayy.. bye now
bye, pteranodon family.
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Great idea!

The FOX brain hits a few talking points before turning introspective and conceding that maybe they have too much rage.

The PBS brain has a few awesome moments... Slurring "you're the best" is a perfect response after you suggest he has had too much to drink. "indianapolis is indeed a beautiful swan!"

And then I think we see a worried letter from millions of years ago.

It's scary in the years ahead.
It is not happy, all the dust.

pteranodon family.

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