Movies About The Future
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Movies About The Future
Future fantasies/current anxieties. Movie reviews/cultural theory essays on future-themed cinema.

I've been wanting to do this for a while because I'm kind of really fascinated by the future, hopelessly seduced by and critical of the cinema, and like having ideas about stuff. Also, since I haven't been in school for a while, I'm a little eager to flex my brain muscles. So here's something of a mash-up between movie reviews and cultural theory essays exploring future-cinema as fantasy solutions and projected nightmares of our current social, cultural and political anxieties.
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That's funny, I've been working on a similar blog project...I loved learning and writing about posthuman scifi in college, and I've been out of college for a bit now too, so I figured I should gather up the best of my old writing, post it, and write some new stuff. (You might even be interested in the syllabus of a class I took called The Culture of the Copy.)

I've been battling the voice in my head that says "this stuff is way too nerdy to show the world" — good to see somebody else out there!
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dreamyshade - cool! the syllabus looks really good, thank you for sharing.

I searched around a little, thinking something like this must already exist... assuming that folks who are interested in this kind of stuff are also serious digital inhabitants and contributors. There's lots of theory out there, but in my opinion not enough cultural criticism/analysis, and more journalistic style writing. So please post your work - I think there's definitely an audience.
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Check out 50 Posts about Cyborgs for a bunch of people interested in this type of stuff! Those authors don't always write about scifi subjects, but a lot of them write cultural analysis in blog format, sometimes very good.
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Awesome! I love reading stuff like this. Thanks.
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