Drag Me To Hell As Remembered By Bunny and Coco
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Drag Me To Hell As Remembered By Bunny and Coco
In Los Angeles last week we discovered we had access to several of the props from the Sam Raimi film "Drag Me to Hell," as well as the locations where the film was made, as well as our friend Abbie Cobb (currently on Beverly Hills 90210), who was Alison Lohman's body double in the original film. So we did what anybody would do. We remade the film from memory.
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by The Whelk on February 6, 2011: This used to be a fortune tellers shop I think that's stupid

Craziness is worth a vote.
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Yeah that's pretty much how I remember it too.
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Several things pop out at me:

1. You have a band called the Peter O'Tooles? That's awesome.
2. I should probably see this movie, though perhaps now I don't have to...
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