Here, I Taped This!
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Here, I Taped This!
I'm borrowing terrapin's cassette deck so that I can digitize all my old cassette tapes. Among them are various mixtapes, as well as cassettes chock full of songs I taped off the airwaves in Boston in the early 1980's (probably while doing my homework). Here's where I share my tapes with you -- and I invite you to share your old cassette tapes with me, before they deteriorate or that little fuzzy nubbin falls off the cassette. I have about forty of my own tapes to go. Hope you enjoy my first foray into Projects!
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Nice! Very similar to a project of my own that I launched here on MeFi a while back: Normal Bias.
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man, gotta do this at some point. nice project!
posted by sleepy pete at 8:20 PM on January 21, 2011

A while back I was messing around with a tape deck and found a cassette that I must have made to test a recorder or something, sometime in the mid 90s, just rolling tape on an hour's worth of WMRQ ('Radio 104'), the alt-rock station from Hartford CT, broadcast.

The most interesting part wasn't the "content" per se, but the commercials and other filler. My iTunes collection pretty much already had all the music in it (although the lineup was interesting), but some of the jingles and other interstitial stuff really brought back memories.

Have to digitize it sometime...
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Hey thanks. These are great. It's just like being back in college!
posted by freakazoid at 7:50 AM on January 26, 2011

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