Rebel's Nest Political T-shirts
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Rebel's Nest Political T-shirts
Norway-based t-shirt collective with political prints. Site up in (fully functional) beta version. It's mainly aimed at Norwegians, but most of the t-shirts have an international appeal. I would love to hear what other MeFites think of our site.
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I really like them -- some interesting designs and cool colours. I admit that many of the messages were over my head. I would expect political slogans to be topical, wheras quite a lot of these seem to be historical, and a bit before my time, but the product descriptions helped a lot with that. Nice gallery too, if a little NSFW...
posted by londonmark at 6:05 AM on January 24, 2011

Is that a dropbox logo on the banner on the home page? Gratulerer med website!
posted by arcticseal at 6:50 AM on January 24, 2011

Very nice.

nitpick: like londonmark, some of them were over my head, and by just looking at the main page there was no indication that clicking through would provide a detailed explanation/description... maybe making that obvious in some way would help? [like a rollover that displays the first line with a [click for more] link or somesuch]

also: pricing is in krone... it would be nice to have an indication of the equivalent price in USD/euros. I saw the FAQ bit saying payment has to be in NOK, all the same I had no idea how much these actually cost until i googled a conversion.

Which brings us to: are $70 tshirts the norm in Norway?
posted by xqwzts at 5:16 AM on January 25, 2011

Thanks for the feedback, xqwzts. Good point about what's lurking beneath the surface not being obvious to first time visitors. As for the price, unless you go for H&M shirts or the like, ~70 USD is pretty standard.
posted by klue at 7:30 AM on January 25, 2011

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