The Life of a Book
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The Life of a Book
I created a slide show to describe how books are made from my perspective as an editor. The slide show is made up of doodles that I drew during several of the many, many meetings an editor goes to each week.
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I like it.

The 34th and 35th slides reminded me of something I saw yesterday - an online bookstore's ebooks section had one book listed as "out of stock." Electron shortage, I guess.
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That is seriously weird.
posted by ocherdraco at 5:32 PM on January 4, 2011

I wish everyone would do this for their profession. Very concise and educational.
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This was really cool! Thanks for sharing it.

I also wish we could see more of this kind of inside perspective on production in other professions. I'm alway looking at things around me wondering how they come to be.
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The slide with "last minute outreach" read like "last minute oatmeal" the first two times I read it. That would have been acceptable as well.
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