Hey Foxy!
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Hey Foxy!
So anyhow, a friend of mine decided that the problem with romantic dating sites is that they're not really sex-positive enough, and adult dating sites don't seem people positive enough ... and if you want to sign up as a couple pretty much anywhere, forget it. So we started working on it and a year later, here it is - adult dating for singles and couples without the sleaze.
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What are you doing to help promote the site as it starts up? These things tend to fly or fall based on user base, and it helps to get as much folks in as quickly as possible. Maybe something like a week's credit for a bringing in 4 more users or something?
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Yeah, we're running promos constantly and working on improving the feature set all the time. The user base is growing fairly quickly but of course right at the outset it needs to grow as quickly as possible - thanks for your suggestion.
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I think the idea is not only a great one, but a noble one. However, I think OKCupid is right about why it's just about the only dating site of any kind out there that's not all spam and sleaze. But, then, I have absolutely no idea what this business is like or how OKCupid operates compared to other sites.
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Thanks for the support! Noble, I like that.

While I've read that particular blog post and enjoy OKC's stats discussions, I question their assumptions a lot of the time. For instance, their claim that a non-paying member is not an active member. You don't have to pay to be a member on Hey Foxy, but subscribing gives you a fuller set of functionality increasing your opportunities to hook up - the same is true of most dating sites that have tiered membership.

More importantly, Hey Foxy is different from most paid dating sites in that we're not a dating site in the sense of romance-leading-to-marriage, we're a dating site where you meet people to have sex. On most dating sites, a satisfied user goes away because they have found a mate. Our satisfied users keep coming back for more sex. This is why the most satisfied members on Hey Foxy are active members - unlike the "successful" members on sites like OKCupid, where they are dead profiles.

Another thing that makes Hey Foxy different is that most dating sites won't let you sign up as or search for couples... in fact, signing up as a couple violates the TOS on eHarmony, match.com, and OKCupid.

We like people to have options, because sexual freedom is a fundamental human right.
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FWIW I'm returning to comment on your post again, cmoj, as OKCupid has just been bought by match.com and has taken down the blog post you linked to... fortunately it's archived.

Honestly, from here it looks like OK Cupid is willing to believe anything they think will bring them more money. I wonder if they still have that link in their opening survey where if you answer "yes" to the question "Do you have an STD" you are sent to match.com? Unlikely, I know.

In any case, I'm not trying to be all schadenfreude-tastic here, just pointing out that maybe OK Cupid's integrity as an unbiased purveyor of information should be doubted.
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I saw that and immediately thought of this post. I'll be interested to see how OKCupid goes after this. It's also interesting to note that $50 million is, in this sene, not a lot of money. They must be planning to make a ton more with whatever they do next. I still have no idea about the backend of these things, but I hope that the functionality and results change as little as possible.
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