Nick Drake: the missing months
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Nick Drake: the missing months
In 1967, legendary - and doomed - singer-songwriter Nick Drake went travelling in Morocco, Spain and France with friends. Now one of his busking companions has written a book and a play about what happened. And it's only available on Kindle and ePub.

Dr. Colin Betts lives deep in the remotest corner of the Scottish borders. He has no computer, no mains electricity, no television or telephone, and writes in longhand by candlelight using a fountain pen.

His memoir Frozenlight is an incredible trip through the real 1960s. And it's all absolutely true: how he ran away with The Rolling Stones aged 15; was propositioned by the Manson family in California; smuggled drugs, became embroiled in the Paris riots of 1968 and busked with the legendary Nick Drake in the South of France.

Only available previously in a small privately printed edition, Frozenlight is available now on Amazon's Kindle platform, as wellas in ePub format for Sony, iPad and other ereaders And it comes with much, much more than the original print version.

Remember, you don't have to have an actual Kindle. The Kindle software can be downloaded instantly for PC, Mac, Android, iPad and iPhone

Now Frozenlight comes coupled with Colin's brand new play Shininglight, a true, hilarious, moving and at times disturbing account of Nick Drake's adventures with friends in Morocco, masquerading as The Stones, and Colin's own time travelling and playing with Nick in Aix-en-Provence. During which Nick turns his hand to solving a murder...

I've set up the Kindle and ePub stuff for colin because I loved the book so much.
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