Cats in Christmas Trees
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Cats in Christmas Trees
Photos and videos of cats in Christmas trees. For all your cats in Christmas tree needs!
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Usually, I roll my eyes at these interminable Tumblr sites that snag other people's pictures for some lame "category" like Hipster Grannies or Tom Selleck + Thing or whatever the latest goofball thing is. BUT! You, sir, have not only compiled photos of cute cats in brightly-colored and uncomfortable situations, but you've also linked back to each person's photo on Flickr, giving them proper credit. Kudos to you, and a vote.
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Sheesh, finally!
posted by Kaatridge at 3:36 AM on November 30, 2010

This was just what I needed today. The tree eater made me laugh out loud!
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I have one to add if you need me mail me!
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Am I right in thinking this URL has since been taken over by some Wordpress spammer? It sort of looks that way, unfortunately! This is not the Tumblr-style blog I remember. If not, my apologies!
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