- Full documentation of the "Digg Patriots" movement
October 15, 2010 3:15 PM   Subscribe - Full documentation of the "Digg Patriots" movement
As described by this article, this post, and this comment, the Digg Patriots were an organized corps of conservatives operating out of an invitation-only Yahoo! group for the purpose of gaming social news giant Digg -- suppressing left-leaning content, spamming right-wing stories, and using dirty tactics to harass and ban political enemies. While their exposure made waves online, the lack of concrete evidence raised questions about their very existence. Now, after taking time to redact and format the data, the evidence is here. documents nearly a year of Digg Patriots activity, 12,900 posts in all, in a sortable, searchable database. Take your time to peruse their posts and judge for yourself the seriousness of their actions.

I distanced myself from the original investigation into the Digg Patriots group, but decided to pitch in more after the story broke, designing the chart and introduction on the landing page for the site and helping to devise ways to handle the copious amounts of irregularly formatted source data for redaction and publication. (I can't claim responsibility for the programming work on that end, though, which resulted from weeks of determined work from a small group of relative amateurs.)

For more information on this release and a follow-up on the investigation as a whole, see "Digg Patriots Censorship Part 2: The Evidence," an article penned by one of the primary leads in the investigation of the Digg Patriots group which is making waves of its own on Digg and Reddit.
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This is incredible, thank you so much for posting this!
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