Write your principal to encourage safer schools for LGBTQ teens.
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Write your principal to encourage safer schools for LGBTQ teens.
WriteYourPrincipal is a grassroots effort to encourage people to ask their former school principals what their alma maters are doing to end LGBTQ harassment and bullying in their schools. I'm collecting and posting letters that people have been writing to their school principals. From one of my favorites, written by the friend and mentor who came up with this idea in the first place: "Until she knows that . . . her teachers and peers will treat her with dignity and respect, a young person who thinks she might be gay she will feel lonely and scared — no matter how many friends she appears to have. She needs to know she has the support of the adults around them. "
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Having fun making some little ads.
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That ad is cut off when I view it in Safari. Also, it's not that little. This is a neat idea. I'm not a tumblr fan, but I like the execution.
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cut off how? like at the sides? i did that on purpose to be "arty" but i can fix it. i see what you mean, thanks. (i didn't mean little size, just "oh, that lil' thing.")

tumblr was just faster than anything else, but i made it work--i wish i could have used wordpress or something but the learning curve was too steep.
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I wrote my principal!
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Me too!
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