Research Club is going on tour and wants your projects
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Research Club is going on tour and wants your projects
When I introduced Research Club to MeFI in July, I mentioned that we were going on tour soon. Well, we're less than two weeks from leaving, and we're taking submissions for collaboration. This can take a couple forms -- 1) Profiles or 2) Collaborative Projects

About Profiles
You can help us out by filling out our Project Profile Submission Form with information about your project, how you do it, what you’ve learned and who you might like to be connected with. Research Club and Grand Detour will take your projects with them and share them with the people they meet -- face to face on the trip, and on our blog. Others will have the opportunity to learn from your experiences and possibly even begin cross-continental collaborations.

No project is to small or too large to share with us. We look forward to hearing about your endeavors and sharing them across the world. After the trip, we will enter these profiles into the directory and network that we’re building so that the rest of the world can learn from your experience and to offer your project ongoing exposure.

About Projects
If you want to get more involved, submit a collaborative project. We will profile whatever it is you're doing, but we'll also actively look for people who can help out, share, duplicate, or otherwise participate in your project. We're traveling light, so keep that in mind, but we're willing to consider anything.

Why we're touring
Starting in our neighbor Seattle, we’re heading out to the amazing cultural hubs of Berlin, London and Glasgow. In each city we will connect with people, projects, and groups doing interesting things and ask two questions: “What have you learned” & “How do you do what you do?” We are going as ambassadors and researchers, bringing our experience with Portland's self-starting, community-run organizations and projects to share what we’ve learned. We will also investigate the way the avant-garde, the tinkerers, and the problem solvers operate as communities and individuals while filming, interviewing, and collecting projects, contacts, and ideas along the way.

We're spreading this call as wide as we can (reblogtweet as you wish), but I'm especially excited to see what comes our of MeFi. The responses to my last post were great, so I can't wait to see what comes next.
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Small point.... you spelled out the date in full ("October 15") for your one US location, but you used US style ("10/25") date format for all the European locations. Europeans write dates DD/MM/YY not MM/DD/YY, so probably better to stick to "Oct 15th" and "Oct 25th" everywhere.
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