The Last Barman Poet
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The Last Barman Poet
We're assembling a motley compendium of homages, covers and remixes of the worst performance poem in the world - Tom Cruise's 'The Last Barman Poet' in Cocktail - for a blog, and a live event at the end of September.

This project was inspired, in part, by The Aristocrats joke. The joke itself is a test pattern; it’s down to the comic telling the joke to add their own brand of flair, and hopefully make it funny.

We wondered—is it possible to create an Aristocrats for poets? A poem so bad that the writer would have to use all their ingenuity and talent to make it worthwhile? Because if we can find poetry, humour, inspiration in the least poetic, funny and inspiring poem in the world, that must mean we can find those things everywhere.

We're looking for covers, remixes, homages - basically anything inspired by or riffing off the original, including songs or art. Submissions can be:

- sent over email
- recorded for YouTube (we'll play them at the event)
- performed live by the writer themselves
- or by proxy by another performer (if the writer wishes- we can sort this out)

Also you can go onto the blog and marvel at the technicolour vomitorium of despair that is the 20+ submissions so far, which include a rap version, several Oulipo-style reworkings, a post-apocalyptic version and a sonnet.
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