MURAL LOCATOR, find murals easily
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MURAL LOCATOR, find murals easily
Mural Locator is a site developed for viewers to easily find and locate murals around the world. Readers can submit murals that they see worthy of being shared. This will help promote the artists and their work with large visible images. The collection of murals are documented and associated to their locations with online maps. We wanted to share the beauty of murals with the world and those unaware of this public form of art.
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by Xurando on September 27, 2010: A Window to Elsewhere

Very keen, especially the forward and back arrows, allowing for browsing an area.

Questions: how is the next city chosen? For example, I'd consider Lompoc to be between San Francisco and San Diego, not New York, though I realize that this series of three areas might be one of the few to have a linear flow, and even then it won't last long until you have to tie cities that aren't easily aligned with an existing pattern.

Do you draw a line between murals and graffiti? Cereal Killers looks like a graffiti mural, as it combines large personal tags and a weird battle scene of sorts. Also, will you remove murals when they disappear, or leave them as a marker for what was?
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You can choose the city by going to the map. The patterns are in order of when a mural is posted. Cereal Killers is just not about grafitti, I agree it is borderline since it has tags. We decided that it was ok to be considered. It is unique since it is both has grafitti text and recognizable images. It is a play on words and kind of a metaphor of the battle of tags.

We are still trying to figure it out what to do when a mural disappears. ( sad)
we would still want to keep it though so to keep a history of what was there, so that it will live forever on the web
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