Objects, signs, and dictionaries
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Objects, signs, and dictionaries
If it were still 1997, I would be out a billion dollars in domain names. But seeing as it isn't 1997, I've created three sites in three weeks. Feeding Objects is a site where people...feed objects. It's kind of in the name. Hey, I Found Your Sign is a site that encourages people to remove illegally placed business signs (we buy houses, earn cash from home) from their community. And, finally, My Dictionaric (because dictionaric.com was taken), the call-in podcast where I read the dictionary aloud until someone calls in to chat. I know, I know. I'm really raising the bar for quality internet content.
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I always wondered what would possess someone to call a "company" that couldn't even afford printed signs.
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i like you.
posted by gursky at 9:21 AM on August 15, 2010

Thanks. I like you too, because of your like for me.
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In my area, someone -- possibly the County, possibly just vigilante groups of some sort -- go around and spraypaint out the phone numbers on signs like that. Particularly ones taped to telephone poles, mailboxes, and the like.

It's ugly as sin, arguably uglier than just leaving the signs up, but I like to think that they leave them up, spraypainted, as something of a warning to others. It's like putting the heads of thieves up on pikes on the castle walls. Or something like that.

Anyway, I like the concept. Maybe you should think of some things to do with the repossessed signs, besides just throw them away? I'd imagine you could amass quite a collection of them in short order.
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