Marriage D.C. - Because Our Marriage Was Once Illegal, Too!
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Marriage D.C. - Because Our Marriage Was Once Illegal, Too!
mrmoonpie and I (mrsmoonpie) have been performing wedding ceremonies for primarily, but not exclusively, same-sex couples in D.C. Here is the new website detailing the services I offer. The site is still in its infancy, but I think you will see where I'm going with it. And a big THANK YOU to all of the MeFi folks who offered advice and gave me a helping hand!
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What is the three day waiting period, and what is the legal reason behind it? To prevent Vegas-style weddings or something?
posted by Evilspork at 3:02 PM on August 10, 2010

I dunno Evilspork, but not long ago DC required a blood test, so things are looking up. Good work, eviltiff!
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I know nothing about weddings or the LGBT life, but as a former bride I have a few suggestions.

You might want to add something about what you can/will wear for the occasion. If you happen to have a Renaissance or Star Trek costume that would be something people might want to know. Otherwise, pictures of you in your formal, semi formal, and casual options might be nice. You're a pretty lady and I'd like to see how you'll be presenting yourself at my wedding. I mean with a priest I'd know what their official clothes would be, you are more of an unknown. Even if you are willing to dress in colors or theme complimenting the wedding would be good to know.

Really, you are gorgeous! There should be more pictures of you on the site.

I also think you should add a link to Etiquette Hell, but that's just a personal opinion. You might also want to add links to Wedding vendors in your area that are also LGBT friendly, pick nobody wants to be judged when they're at a cake tasting or go to pick out flowers. Have you talked to vendors? Letting them know about you might be a good way to drive business. Maybe if you add them to your website they'll let you leave business cards at their shop or add you to their website.

Again, I have no experience. I just want to be helpful, so feel free to disregard!
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My wife and I got married in DC and had to get a blood test for syphilis. Not AIDS, syphilis. This was 8 years ago. Have they finally done away with that?
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Yeah, the blood test is gone.
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I've started to receive email inquiries via the site. Five today!
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I'm so glad you recommended the D.C. Guesthouse! That's where I stayed when I visited D.C. in June (and met MrMoonPie!) and it is WONDERFUL.
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Oh, wow, I found out about this through the podcast...very cool, eviltiff: I definitely saw you & your husband at the march last fall.

Small question: I live in DC, have also performed a few ceremonies (nonreligious, in California), and was curious about becoming a registered officiant in DC too...except it seems you have to have a religious affiliation to officiate in the District? Bummer.
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Yeah, it's pretty much impossible to get registered in DC without some sort of religious affiliation. That affiliation can be as tenuous as someone like me saying "you're ordained," but that step cannot, as far as I know, be side-stepped. Even ULC is proscribed.
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Followup--eviltiff quit her day job today, to perform weddings full time. Thanks, Metafilter!
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