Singing Whilst Driving
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Singing Whilst Driving
A blog devoted to scenes of singing in the car (or bus, or helicopter) from TV & the movies.

Inspired by the scene in Jerry Maguire where Tom Cruise belts out Free Falling whilst driving back from a successful meeting, Singing Whilst Driving is a blog devoted to those musically in motion moments.

Helped in large part by a recent AskMe Singing Whilst Driving aims to be the definitive resource for all that is, well, Singing Whilst Driving.
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posted by cortex at 8:02 AM on August 5, 2010

This is extremely great.

I like this one as it's pretty much how I sing along to Free Falling, one of the best sing-along songs I know

I can now not only not listen to Free Falling without singing the lyrics to Free Falling, I can also not listen to If I Was a Boy without singing the lyrics to Free Falling.

posted by Greg Nog at 8:52 AM on August 5, 2010

I love this!

I am an unabashed car singer and I love seeing people belting out lyrics at stoplights.
posted by TooFewShoes at 7:33 PM on August 5, 2010

... see also "Death Proof"
posted by metaphorical at 8:12 PM on August 9, 2010

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