Junk Into Treasure
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Junk Into Treasure
A website I set up so my wife, some of her friends, and I (when I get off my lazy ass and start being productive) can sell random crafty things.

A local farmers market lets people have tables to sell things. My wife got in with some friends and they thought it would be a good idea to have a website so they don't have to wait 2 weeks before people see their stuff again.
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Is there a reason they didn't choose the etsy route? Usually there is an advantage to starting off with some place a bit more established and easier to promote.
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They tried that and didn't have any success from it. Which is a bit discouraging in itself. But when you add in that you're paying $0.20 per item just to have it not sell, it really sucks.

I had a domain name I wasn't using and extra space with my hosting. I know it can be a diluted market, but at least this way they're not paying someone else for the opportunity to sell something.
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