Kill Will
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Kill Will
Murder. Revenge. Suicide. Cannibalism. The new Tarantino movie? No, it's Shakespeare! A riotous romp through the canon that asks, "How many characters can you kill in one hour?" Coming soon to the Minnesota Fringe Festival!

"Kill Will" is a play that my wife and I wrote and performed at Cleveland Public Theatre last January as part of their new works development series, Big [Box]. It is a two-person comedy/fight show in which we present all the greatest death scenes in Shakespeare's canon, using video, audience participation, movie and pop culture references, and good old fashioned swashbuckling.

We are taking "Kill Will" to the Minnesota Fringe Festival this summer, and then in October it will be a part of Cleveland Public Theatre's 2010/2011 season. The website is still growing; expect a video trailer soon! We are very proud of this show and please, any MeFites in the Minneapolis area this summer, come out and see us!
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I'll do my best. Enjoy your visit!
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Reminds me of IDW's current comic book series Kill Shakespeare, which mashes all the bard's characters up into a single murder plot. Here's what's happened so far:

Issue One
Hamlet arrives for his exile in England, where he’s captured by Richard III and Macbeth’s three witches. Richard claims his enemies (“The Prodigals”) are rallying round a tyrant wizard called William Shakespeare, and promises to bring Hamlet’s father back to life if he (Hamlet) steals Shakespeare’s magic quill. Lady Macbeth appears at Richard’s side, pulls a dagger from the fire and gloats that Hamlet’s task will actually end in Shakespeare’s death.

Issue Two
Richard teams Hamlet up with Iago, and off they go on their quest. They’re attacked by Tamora (Queen of the Goths from Titus Andronicus), and Hamlet is separated from the rest until Falstaff rescues him. Iago betrays his own men, and announces he’s going to kill Hamlet.

Issue Three
Falstaff and Hamlet flee through the forest, where they meet Puck, then take refuge in a whore-filled tavern called The Merry Wives of Windsor. Iago’s (new) men find them there, but Tamora interferes and they escape. Meanwhile, back at Glamis castle, Lady Macbeth has drugged her husband and is helping Richard seal him up inside a wall.

Issue Four
Not yet published, but we're promised it will feature Juliet Capulet and her warrior friend Othello..
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Not going to lie: I got to "riotous romp" and was immediately like, "This is totally a Fringe play." And then it was. Spooky.
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