Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt
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Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt
Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt is a slick, themed solitaire game that requires logic and planning. It's my most popular solitaire game so far and it's just the right game length for a short break from whatever you are doing.
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I like it a lot.

But: it's a bit too easy. And the Undo button feels too much like cheating -- particularly when used for the "take a peek at the next deal's cards" trick described in the instructions.

Maybe an Expert mode with no undo? (And an Impossible mode with no undo and no Temp Card Store?)
posted by We had a deal, Kyle at 4:50 PM on July 19, 2010

I like it. Very much reminiscent of the "drunk bar game" kind of thing.

But I always have to wonder: do you run each generated board past an algorithm to determine if they are actually possible?
That was my problem with Freecell. Why dish a board that is purely random and sometimes totally impossible? I'd enjoy it much more if I at least knew that every board had a possible solution.
posted by Theta States at 9:51 PM on July 19, 2010

Hey, glad you both liked it.

The undo button is actually part of what I call in my mind - "expert strategy". I do like the idea of a version with the no Temp Card store.

As for the deals, they are completely random. That was a difficult decision - but basically, there is potential for bad luck and its something that I feel is more in keeping with the spirit of a card game. It's partially skill and partially luck.
posted by mochek at 4:48 AM on July 20, 2010

Still liking it. Very polished.

A couple of minor suggestions:

1. the end-of-round screen where the score is tallied takes a little too much time to animate -- I want to play the next round but it doesn't show the "next round" button until the animation completes. Maybe "next round" could be visible immediately so I could click it to skip the animation and go straight back to playing?

2. at the end of the game, the button is "main menu" if I did not get a high-score; "back" if I did. A "play again" button would be nice so I could go straight back to playing again.
posted by We had a deal, Kyle at 12:33 PM on July 22, 2010

It would be "just the right game length for a short break from whatever you are doing" if I could stop playing it.
posted by fish tick at 9:47 AM on July 23, 2010

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