Contemporary Psychiatry
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Contemporary Psychiatry
My grandfather, Dr John Lovett-Doust was a physiological psychiatrist in Ontario, Canada from 1952 until 1980; sadly I never met him before he died 1980. When our family was recently able to acquire a copy of a ten-part CBC radio series he created for the program University of the Air (precursor to the Ideas program) on the subject of 'contemporary psychiatry,' it was for myself and many of the other grandchildren the first time we had heard his voice. While the site is a work in progress, please enjoy sampling the recordings.

From the original introduction to Contemporary Psychiatry (1962):
These lectures will attempt to tell something of psychiatry, the study of the suffering of human minds. They will deal with the nature of the disorders affecting the mind, their genesis, their methods of expression and their impact on society. In doing so, there may be a danger of involving the listener in these sicknesses, and at least if he does not see himself, he may seem to see certain of his relatives and friends in one or other of the conditions to be described. Try not to be alarmed or disturbed by this. It's common indeed for the medical student to feel the same thing about himself as he learns of new diseases. The student gets over it as his objective interest in medicine quickens and he learns to stand outside the disease surrounding him. To help in this effort, you will be introduced only slowly to the patients who form the clinical substance of psychiatry. As an earnest of this we shall not actually meet with a case history of a patient until much later on.
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