Our Own Devices by Stereo Sons - a rock record
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Our Own Devices by Stereo Sons - a rock record
My band's first full length album is available for digital download.

Hello, I'm inveterate lurker / occasional music poster chaff (formerly arcanecrowbar) and my band Stereo Sons has just today released a CD through CD Baby.

The front page at www.stereosons.com has links to a variety of purchase options. For some reason Amazon has it for two bucks cheaper than the other places, I'm not sure how that happened! iTunes will be along eventually but they take their sweet time.

You can hear some sample tracks here or here.

If you like the music, but maybe don't want to buy the album, you can also support us by writing a review on your blog, playing us on your podcast, joining our mailing list, becoming a Facebook fan or coming to see a show.

Or just drop a line: band@stereosons.com
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