Monster Cops
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Monster Cops
(warning, site autoplays embedded Youtube video) Patrick Prejusa and gang have created a web based "TV" series à la COPS.

These monster cops fight vampires, zombies, werewolves, etc. They like Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee. They're also looking to put out DVD. Since I'm a backer on Kickstarter, I'm posting this to Projects (thank you, admins, for the feedback). Please take a look and consider sharing this series with people you know. They could use the exposure (and backers). In my opinion, this is the best indie horror series on the web. Even with their current production values (explained in the first autoplaying video on the main page), I think they should be on TV.
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If you would still like to pledge support to Monster Cops, you still can via IndieGoGo.
posted by crataegus at 6:22 PM on June 16, 2010

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