Platinum - a film made in slightly over 24 hours
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Platinum - a film made in slightly over 24 hours
My team of about 20 or so competed in this year's San Francisco 24 Hour Film Race.

These competitions are always fun and exciting. We always seem to make things really difficult for ourselves by making the pieces overly complicated to accomplish in a day.
Here is the film we made. This isn't exactly the version we handed in at deadline. We have since gone in and made some slight editorial and sound mix tweaks.
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I have a friend who competes in these in SF (Chinese Takeout Films =) and he's always impressed me by doing it pretty much by himself (and a cast). Your video, on the other hand, is impressive as well—for the content and execution yes, but also for the organizational fortitude necessary to get a 20-person team writing, rolling, and wrapped in ~24 hours. Good work!
posted by carsonb at 11:18 AM on May 18, 2010

Aha, yes! Chinese Takeout Films won the audience award at this years screening. Their film was very funny and lighthearted. I liked it a lot.
Yeah, the process of cat herding that is involved is always an adventure!
posted by matt_od at 3:58 PM on May 18, 2010

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