The Foosball Wizard - Humor and American Football Commentary
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The Foosball Wizard - Humor and American Football Commentary
This is my new football commentary blog with its first emphasis on humor, its second emphasis on football analysis, and its third emphasis on photos of alpacas, which will be found randomly scattered throughout the site. Mostly this will be due to the Alpaca of the Week Feature. I will be adding fantasy football rankings, provided free of charge, once training camp begins in August. Features to be worked into the site will include 1) Sherlock Holmes, pro football scout 2) Lightning Hopkins, pro football commentator and 3) a weekly question and answer session conducted via email with readers.

I will mostly be writing this site in a Andy Kaufmanesque persona as the irascible Foosball Wizard, who at times can be haughty and abrasive in a way similar to an arrogant academic. Other personas will include Sherlock Holmes, pro football scout and Lightning Hopkins, pro football pundit. There will be a sub plot involving the Foosball Wizard's grocery store in Bed-Stuy which is in a bad neighborhood where he is constantly subjected to violence. Fortunately, the Foosball Wizard, although unable to defend himself due to diminished powers, is immune to conventional weapons. He bears a grudge against former Detroit Lions General Manager Matt Millen, who stole his powers.
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