Department H: a new comics blog
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Department H: a new comics blog
Mr. F and I started up a comics blog in January as a lark. We review books from our pull every week, we report the occasional bit of news, and today, we just posted our first-ever interview, where we talk comics and film with Dr. Horrible creator and Terminator: 2029 author Zack Whedon.
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I just read through your backlog yesterday without remember how I came upon the blog in the first place. Good stuff, enjoying the chewier stuff though I'm not a regular enough reader of new releases to have context for release-related stuff.
posted by cortex at 5:26 PM on April 7, 2010

Yeah, current-release reviews walk an inside-baseball line a lot of the time (especially Uncanny X-Men, which is usually in some form of "having to play along with a much larger metaplot" flux). I'm reasonably confident that that will even out as we go on; it's early days yet and we're still hammering out form as much as anything else.
posted by fairytale of los angeles at 10:25 PM on April 8, 2010

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