The MP3 blog for busy people
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The MP3 blog for busy people
CPI's MP3 blog (alternate facebook version) was set up to accomodate my friends who love music, but are too busy/productive to constantly dig up the best new stuff.

Once or twice a week a new easily downloadable ZIP of new music is available. It covers a wide span of genres, which are loosely tagged so you can easily automate what you are interested in: pop, hiphop, beats, folk, dance, experimental, lighter, harder.
All tracks are individual (as opposed to a podcast), so you can quickly important only what you like and delete the rest.
While the selections are indicative of my tastes, they do cover a huge swathe of modern music.
Our motto: There is always more good music out there.
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Looking good. That Bonobo has been linked all over - really getting buzz. Of course I can't stand Lil Wayne but I wasn't surprised to see him appear. Clinched it with the old Doom remix of Somersault. "Demanded her respect, then went and did a handspring almost landed on her neck." That is always hilarious to listen to. Also, Sia's got 6 new tracks out from We Are Born, if you hadn't already noticed.

Thanks for making it individual tracks. I hate seeing "check out the mix" and then in the dl window it's like 1 mp3 284 MB. Why, so I can love a song, then spend hours trying to google the lyrics and crosscheck it with the possible songs from the tracklisting? Yeah, so thanks for breaking it down track by track. Individual links would be nice, but that's a monster of a task.
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Thanks, I am happy when people appreciate the format of it.

There are certain cripplingly annoying aspects of other MP3 blogs I was trying to overcome:
- direct links instead of ad-sponsored download service links, so you can just highlight a bunch of the ZIP files and load them in to a download manager at once.
- individual MP3s so you can sort and use them as you want, instead of them being embedded in a podcast.
- easy-to-filter genres so you can focus in on what moods you are currently interested in.

And the entire history of the blog and what is posted is available here in pure text format.
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And yes, the Bonobo album is fantastic and will be one of the top albums of 2010.
AND I am neither a Lil Wayne fan nor a basketball fan. But I still found that Kobe Bryant track very good. But I'm also a sucker for a good training montage.
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Oh, I love it. I don't listen to mainstream radio much, so I usually rely on recommendations from my sisters and friends and websites like Amie Street. Except I feel bad bothering my friends all the time.

The ineedaghostship mix looks great, but I admit to being partial to anything with The XX and Florence and the Machine in it. Downloading it now.

Thanks for sharing!
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This is very good! It is much better than bad!
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