Historic Joplin - a website on the history of Joplin, Missouri
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Historic Joplin - a website on the history of Joplin, Missouri
A site created by myself and another MeFite to cover the history of Joplin, Missouri. Joplin began as a lead and zinc mining boom town in Southwest Missouri in the early 1880's and quickly established a rich history as it grew from a thoroughfare of clapboard buildings to a main street lined with impressive brick and stone buildings, such as the eight story Connor Hotel, all in just a couple decades.

Our site covers and intends to cover both specific topics such as Joplin's famous or infamous citizens to buildings and industry, as well the darker side of the city's history such as its prostitution and other crimes. A basic goal is to also cover the "little people" of Joplin's history, subjects who due to race, gender, or economic status are ignored by mainstream history. Also featured will be topics related to the history of Joplin, such as resources for Joplin history and present day events, news articles, etc, on or relating to the city's historic past.
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As a native Springfieldian, I scoff at Joplin, but as a history buff, I applaud your effort. Good job!
posted by bjork24 at 1:45 PM on March 15, 2010

Wow, nice! Growing up in SE KS, Joplin was the place that had a mall (it was an hour from my house). And as an adult who loves the history of the area, I really love this. Thanks.
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That's some good local history.
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Thanks for the kind words. I only lived in Joplin for just over three years (live about an hour and a half away now), but it was long enough to get me hooked on its past. There's a lot of cool stuff we haven't even tapped yet, so we're looking forward to sharing more of it with folks who either know Joplin or just love history.
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We need more of these kinds of young women on ask.mefi.
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Oh, man. I used to visit my cousins in Carthage, MO every summer, and Joplin was the "big town" they would take us to to hang out. Whenever we talked about restaurants or dresses or something, they would be like, that's extra fancy because it's in Joplin! My uncle used to tell us stories about "old last-century Joplin" on the drive over (we hated those : ) ). Thanks for making this site. It's brought back a lot of memories of those drives for me.
posted by bluefly at 8:04 AM on March 23, 2010

Great to hear about the memories. :)
posted by Atreides at 1:30 PM on March 31, 2010

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