DIYstro - Do it yourself online music distribution
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DIYstro - Do it yourself online music distribution
DIYstro is a distribution system I and a friend built for independent bands and labels. We put it together to sell our own music online and extended it so anyone can use it. You upload your band's music, and we provide a suite of copy and paste javascript widgets to sell you music wherever you want.

The integration options include smaller widgets for blog sidebars, short URLs for twitter, and a really simple CSS-based API if you want to control the appearance yourself. With the exception of the short URL service, the entire checkout and download process happens in a modal dialog that is overlaid on your own site, so we never bounce anyone to our website, and we don't require music buyers to create accounts.

We're in beta (i know) for the moment, but if you want to sign up, add some reference to metafilter in the band name field and we'll make sure you get let in right away.

We'd love to hear any feedback, good or bad.
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I only have one question: will people eventually be able to preview song/album snippets.

Okay, two questions: will people eventually be able to sell/buy just one song, if a full album isn't available or desired.
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