A new simple way to bookmark
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A new simple way to bookmark
Favilous is a new stylish site aimed to make bookmarking easy. It focuses on a clean stylish layout with the ability to be able to customise your own backdrops. You can also use the bookmarking tools on offer to 'view something later'. So if you are in a rush and are on your iPhone or on the internet and want to read an article but don't have the time to do so then just click 'FavitLater' and it will save it for you without disrupting your browser experience. Favilous is a new website and we welcome feedback. Signing up is free so if you want to take your browser with you and you like visually compelling sites then why not give it a go.
posted by stevew1987 (3 comments total)

Don't see a lot of recruitment from other bookmarking services until it accepts import/export of bookmarks.

Feedback form did nothing when I clicked "Submit". (Firefox 3.6, Windows XP).
posted by JeremiahBritt at 9:45 AM on March 8, 2010

I agree that importing/exporting of bookmarks is going to be key and we will be rolling this out next week.

With regard to the second point I will look into it - it could be a bug. Thanks for trying though!

One of our ideas that we are thinking of is 'work networks' - very much like Yammer. We aim to position ourselves, in the next couple of months or so, as a Yammer for bookmarking.
We will still offer the same 'personal service' for our users but we will also go down this other route. Like Yammer people will be able to create and then join a private work network. You will be able to bookmark work links and documents as part of your work network and build up your Favilous work page. You can share these with other people from your network and your network is private - you cannot see out and other's cannot see in.
Would this feature be of use do you think? As I say we are a couple of months away but I know I would use it and find it useful so I am hoping others may feel the same way!
Any feedback on this (or our site generally) would be most welcome...
posted by stevew1987 at 10:07 AM on March 8, 2010

There are a number of websites that I and my fellow cuberats must use for work. If my co-workers were more tech-savvy, it could be quite useful, especially if there were options to delineate personal from professional (i.e., all favs from this IP default to "Work Network", all favs from 9-5 default to "Work", potentially salacious sites prompt you with "Are you sure you want this in your work network?" etc.).
posted by JeremiahBritt at 11:39 AM on March 8, 2010

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