Inchoatery, an album by Josh Millard
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Inchoatery, an album by Josh Millard
I spent the month of February writing and recording a rock album, as part of the RPM Challenge. It's done and I'm pretty proud of what I pulled off. It's available for streaming and download on my new music site,, and there's a bunch of album notes available on the site as well.
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It's hard to find bad things to say about this. It's a concept album which manages to span a variety of different tones while remaining pretty close to the theme, which I appreciate. (SPOILER ALERT) The perspective shift in track 9 caught me completely off-guard and was this elegant introduction of a second character into the story. I thought that "Get You Laid" was a perfect reminder that most music is supposed to be a narration in our heads, and sometimes there are people outside adding commentary to what we come up with.
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How can "Stumble" be a waltz if it's in 5/4?
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ok, now I've actually listened to it and it makes more sense.
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So I reclined into my favorite sofa, put on my best pair of over-ear noise-cancelling headphones, shut my eyes and listened for 37 minutes. And I was not disappointed. I have to say it's a top-notch album, musically interesting and very well produced. Bravo!
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i liked this. kinda "punky" with emotive lyrics.

nicely done.
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